House Rules

Twilight Times

Twilight is divided into two periods (morning, preceding sunrise; evening, following sunset) and three categories: civil, nautical, and astronomical.


  • Civil twilight may actually start a few minutes before proper sunset and end a few minutes after proper sunrise. Light is still sufficient to see the horizon and move about without need of artificial light, although most drivers will be switching on headlights at this point.
    • Cainites exposed to civil twilight must make a Difficulty 7 Soak roll to avoid damage, and make a Rötschreck test as well.


  • Nautical twilight, which generally starts 30 minutes after civil twilight, still features enough ambient light to see the horizon, but stars will have come out in the sky overhead and artificial light is required to move around safely.
    • Cainites exposed to nautical twilight must make a Difficulty 3 Soak roll to avoid taking damage.


  • Astronomical twilight, which generally starts 30 minutes after nautical twilight, is defined at the point in which the horizon is no longer visible. This is often indistinguishable from night, especially in large cities.
    • No special rules apply to Cainites moving about in astronomical twilight. It is usually the only time they can see even the faintest hint of sunlight and not risk damage or frenzy.

Humanity and Awakening

Humanity scores directly impact what how long after evening civil twilight a Cainite awakens, and how soon before morning civil twilight a Cainite must retire.

With a Humanity of 10, the vampire rises at the very moment of evening civil twilight.

For every point below 10, the vampire rises 5 minutes after evening civil twilight. Vampires on paths other than Humanity are considered to have a Humanity of 0 for this purpose, and thus always rise 50 minutes after evening civil twilight (i.e. right around the time of astronomical twilight).

Likewise, Cainites with Humanity scores of 10 do not begin to feel sluggish or in need of rest until the moment of morning civil twilight, and each point below 10 moves that time 5 minutes back.

Example: Aaron has a Humanity of 6. On March 1st, 1990, civil twilight is at 6:15 PM and 5:55 AM. Thus, he will rise at 6:35 PM and need to retire by 5:35 AM. Irena, a follower of the Path of Paradox, won’t rise until 7:05 PM and must retire by 5:05 AM.

House Rules

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